Mechanical Concrete® Geo-cylinder Confinement System has Many Economical and Beneficial Uses.

Load Support for

  • Paved and Unpaved road sub-base, base, and shoulders
  • Unpaved and Paved Low Volume Road intersection interfaces
  • Railroad ballast
  • Industrial and mining roadways
  • Rail road ballast bed stabilization, repair and reconstruction
  • Conveyor foundations
  • Bridge piers
  • Underwater foundations

Earth Retaining Walls and Free Standing Load Bearing Walls

  • MSE & Gravity Retaining Walls
  • Industrial and commercial building and other load bearing walls and foundations
  • Mining protective walls and sound wall structures
  • Dams, ponds, levees, embankment construction
  • Industrial Security walls and sound walls

Channel and Slope Protection

  • Drainage control structures
  • Bridge pier scour protection
  • Erosion control structures to reduce and absorb water runoff velocity energy
  • Storm water retention
  • Channel, Slope and Embankment stabilization and Restoration

Other Uses

  • Garbage Dumpster Pads
  • Helipads
  • Oil and Natural Gas Drill Pads
  • Airfield Construction
  • Overflow parking site stabilization
  • Emergency Vehicle Road Entrances
  • Energy Absorbing Highway and Transportation Crash Barriers
  • Natural stone golf cart paths, cycle and walking paths and trails that support natural drainage patterns
  • Permeable structures for highway, railway and trail slippage repair and reconstruction
  • Military force protection

Road Base

Triad Wall
Triad Wall Construction

Spring 2007 Flood No Mechanical Concrete® Base Damage
Drainage System

Bowie Well Pad TDC
Oil Pad